Hi, my name is

Rohit Kumar.

I build things for the web.

I’m a software engineer specializing in building (and occasionally designing)
exceptional digital experiences.

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01. About Me

Hello! My name is Rohit Kumar and I enjoy creating things that live on the internet. My interest in web development started back in 2014 when I decided to try building a web pages using HTML and CSS.


Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with recently:

  • React
  • MongoDB
  • Express JS
  • Bulma CSS

02. Educational Qualification

03. Experience

wow decor
India Star

04. Things I've Built

BRS Screenshot
tic tac toe
notes hub

05. My Skills

Languages :

JavaScript C/C++

Development :

HTML CSS SCSS JavaScript PHP SQL React Express Js

Developer Tools :

VS Code Git and GitHub

UI/UX Design Tools :


06.What's Next?

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Since I’m currently looking for new opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!

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